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new england IPA

Turn your head up to the clouds and gaze at them. Our NEIPA brings juiciness of ripe mango, pineapple, grapefruit and yellow melone, restrained bitterness and high drinkability. Welcome to the juicy and hazy world.

6,6% ABV

malts: pilsner, wheat, caramel, flaked oats, flaked wheat

aromatic hops: enigma, citra



west coast IPA

No limits, no compromises, lightning war (blitzkrieg), rapid strike. Full load of aromatic hops and hellish bitterness. This wonderfully fermented dry IPA is going to take you to the sunny west-coast of the States.

6,8% ABV

malts: pilsner, munich, caramel

aromatic hops: simcoe, amarillo, citra



west coast IPA

Straightforward, bitter and unbelievably drinkable IPA. You will detect an aroma and flavour of citruses (grapefruit, pomelo), tropical fruits and tones of gooseberries.

6,4% ABV

malts: pilsner, wheat, caramel

aromatic hops: motueka, citra, columbus

cold fish

cold fish

session IPA

Session strength, hazy, juicy and very drinkable Session IPA brings intense aroma of citruses – mainly grapefruit and lemon zest.

4,6% ABV

malts: pilsner, caramel, flaked oats, flaked wheat

aromatic hops: columbus, citra, enigma

early glory

early glory

imperial stout

Dark beer… finally! Strong, warming Imperial Stout, which is going to make your cold nights more enjoyable.

8,5% ABV

malts: pilsner, munich, caramel, chocolate wheat, roasted, flaked oats

chmel: sladek, nugget

And many other unique batches, more information on Facebook.

černý potoka

Our goal is to brew one of the best Czech craft beers.

We are a gypsy brewery established in 2016. We brew our beers in craft breweries which are carefully chosen. It gives us the possibility to experiment and provides the needed freedom and independence.



staré místo 48,
50601 jičín