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blitzkrieeeg – west coast IPA

No limits, no compromises, lightning war (blitzkrieg), rapid strike. Full load of aromatic hops and hellish bitterness. This wonderfully fermented dry IPA will take you to the sunny west coast of the States.

15% EPM | 52 IBU | 7,0 % ABV

malts: pilsner, munich, carapils

hops: magnum, cascade, simcoe, amarillo, citra

californiaaan – american pale ale

American pale ale in its traditional form. Medium-full body, light caramel taste and plenty of citruses and tropical fruits.

13% EPM | 36 IBU | 5,7% ABV

malts: pilsner, caramunich I, carapils, carafa III sp.

hops: magnum, centennial, cascade, amarillo

mescaleeero – IPL

Red coloured lager with complex taste and a lot of our favourite American hops.

14% EPM | 48 IBU | 5,9% ABV

malts: pilsen, mnichovský, carared, carafa II sp.

hops: nugget, cascade, citra, mosaic, simcoe

froozen hell – session IPA

Dry hopped like hell. A lot of hops, a lot of citruses, a lot of aroma, a lot of sun. Close your eyes, this is the taste of California

12% EPM | 45 IBU | 5,3 % ABV

malts: pilsner, wheat, munich, carared, carafa III sp.

hops: columbus, citra, motueka

simooonside – best bitter

Refreshing, nicely aromatic and highly drinkable beer with overall bitter impression - typical of the British style. Aroma and taste of citruses, resins, malt with light touches of caramel.
Colour reminding of moors in the area of Simonside Hills, north of England.

12% EPM | 39 IBU | 5,0% ABV

malts: pale ale, wheat, caramunich, roasted barley

hops: simcoe, chinook

černý potoka gypsy brewery

Our goal is to brew one of the best Czech craft beers.

We are a gypsy brewery established in 2016. We brew our beers in craft breweries which are carefully chosen. It gives us the possibility to experiment and provides the needed freedom and independence.



staré místo 48,
50601 jičín